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Copyrights in Thailand

We have examined what intellectual property law is and what part it plays in Thailand’s legitimate and business scenes. This time, let us take a gander at what things are secured by intellectual property law, and how you can, as…

4 Thailand law firm types

Thailand without a doubt plays host to multitudinous foreigners, expatriates either meeting expectations for some multinational organizations working in the nation or as retirees. Throughout the span of their stay in Thailand, there are times that the administrations of a…


Intellectual property is a standout amongst part of any nation’s law. Thailand is the same with other nations. Our Phuket Law Firm writes information and what Intellectual Property Laws in Thailand. What Is Intellectual Property? Anything that the mind concocts is…

Thailand’s Copyright Infringement Law

Just like other countries, copyright infringement is a criminal offense in Thailand under the Copyright Act of B.E. 2537 (1994). Anyone who is proven to have committed such a crime for commercial purposes can be punished with a prison term….